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The Thai Coronation and Thiruvempavai

Thailand is in a festive mood now. King Maha Vajiralongkorn will be officially crowned as the monarch on March 4th. His coronation name is going to be Rama X.  It must be noted that the present line of Thailand kings are from the Chakri Dynasty, founded by Rama I. The dynasty is ruling the country since 18th Century CE.  Since historical times, Thailand had close relations with India and the country has cultural and religious links with Bharath. Hence it is no wonder that the coronation ceremony of Thai Kings is quite similar to the coronation ceremony of ancient Indian kings. Despite the fact that the monarchs are Buddhists, most of the coronation ceremony follows Vedic rituals.  The Homas proceeding the coronation date, the Abhisheka similar to the Rajyabhisheka ritual similar to that of Vedic times, reciting of Vedic Mantra are some of the examples of this. In the midst of all these, one notable feature is reciting of Thiruvempavai, part of the Thiruvasagam verses sung by M